iPod File Recovery: Save recovered iPod data - Quick Start Guide

Introduction Select the search Select the iPod View search results Save search results

Saving Recover My iPod search results

You must purchase a product activation key to save the search results (once you activate the program with a key you can use it in the future as many times as you wish).

In the Recover My iPod search results window, select the files that you wish to save by placing a tick in the box next to the file.

To select groups of files, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL keys, use your mouse to select the desired files and then press the SPACE BAR to tick the selected files.

Once the files are selected, press the SAVE FILES button to select a location to save the files, or use the drop down arrow next to the save files button to save files directly to a CD or DVD.

Note: You cannot save files back to the iPod drive. You MUST save files to another drive. Once you are sure you have recovered all files, then you can move them from your PC back to your iPod using iTunes or another program.

Saving Recovered iPod files


Download Recover My iPod

  1. Click the download button to begin the download.
  2. Save the Recover My iPod installation program to your Windows computer.
  3. Run Recover My iPod and search your iPod for deleted or lost files.
  4. NOTE: Software will only run on Windows PC's
  5. NOTE: Software is not compatible with iPhones or the iPod Touch