iPod Music Recovery: Use Recover My iPod to find your lost music!

If you have ever suffered from problems with your iPod, there is now an easy way to save your music from a faulty device. Fortunatly, iPod files contain the meta tags which are read by iTunes when you re-import the data recovery results. Follow these instructions to perform the iPod Music Recovery procedure:

  1. Run Recover My iPod(iPod Music Recovery Software) and select "Complete Format Recover". Click Next.
  2. In the drive selection window, put a tick in the selection box for the "physical" iPod drive (you can identify which one it is by the displayed size). Click Next.
  3. In the File Type selection window, leave the default file types selected (.bmp, .jpeg, .xls, .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .zip, .wav) but also add under the MultiMedia group also select "iTunes Audio File" and "MP3 Music File". Start the search.

    At the end of the search look in "Folder View" for your recovered files. You should find them in a folders called "iPod Controls > Music > F00, F01, F02 and so forth. These are your music files. They are not organized in a any particular fashion within these folders (you can organize them later).

    When you find what you are looking for, put a tick next to the file or folder to mark it to be saved (you can see the total number and volume of files selected in the bottom bar of the main program screen). To select groups of files, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key, highlight the files with your mouse, and then press the SPACE BAR to turn the ticks on (or off).
  4. From "Folder View" of the Recover My Files results screen, save the contents of the "Music" folder to your hard drive or whatever other device you choose.
  5. After you have saved the files your files from iPod into your Computer you can see that all files are labeled with 4 letter file name. You cannot understand which file is for which Song because all information is hidden into the file. But do not worried about that because you can play them in Itunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player or QuickTime and then you can see all information such as Album Name and Singer.

Once you have the files saved on your computer, you can re-import them into iTunes using the "File" or "Folder" > Import function in iTunes.