Guide to using Recover My iPod

Running a Search with Recover My iPod

Important: Do Not Connect your iPod to your computer yet.

1Download Recover My iPod

Click on the download button to download and install Recover My iPod on your Windows PC.


Run Recover My iPod

Run Recover My iPod so that you can see the first wizard window



Connect Your iPod to your Windows PC

iPod Connect

Connect your iPod to your Windows PC via the USB or Firewire port.

Wait at least 60 seconds. Your computer should recognize that you have an iPod hard drive connected. iTues shoud NOT start.

image11.gif Select the Type of Search

Click on the buttons on the main program screen to select the best type of search. Recover My iPod does not change the contents of the drive during the search so you can run more than one search on you iPod:

Fast Search

A Fast Search is best suited to recover recently deleted iPod files.

Deep Search

A Deep Search is best suited to recover an entire iPod, including an iPod that is no longer recognized, a corrupt ipod, an iPod with the sad face or exclamation mark icons, or other situations in which the iPod drive cannot be accessed.

Once you have selected the type of search, click "Next" to go to the next screen.

image12.gif Select the iPod drive to search

The second wizard window of Recover My iPod asks you to select the iPod drive to search. Please note that it is only possible to search iPod drives using Recover My iPod. If you are attempting to recover files from a computer, please user Recover My Files data recovery software.

In some circumstances your computer will no longer be able to detect your iPod as a drive letter. In this instance, look for the "Physical Drive" that is the same size as your iPod and select and search this drive.


To select the iPod to search, place a tick in the box next to it. Once you have selected the iPod, click the "Start" button.

image13.gif Examine the Search Results

The search results window will show you the files that have been located in your search. Click on a file in the top window to display below information relating to recovered song, including Album, Title etc. If you are recovering photographs from your iPod, you will be able to preview the photograph here.


Please note that you are running the FULL version of the software. Purchasing an activation key enables you to save the files to your PC. You do not need to run a second search.

image14.gif Saving Recover My iPod Search Results

You must purchase a product activation key to save the search results (once you activate the program with a key you can use it in the future as many times as you wish).

In the Recover My iPod search results window, select the files that you wish to save by placing a tick in the box next to the file.

To select groups of files, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL keys, use your mouse to select the desired files and then press the SPACE BAR to tick the selected files.

Once the files are selected, press the SAVE FILES button to select a location to save the files, or use the drop down arrow next to the save files button to save files directly to a CD or DVD.

Note: You cannot save files back to the iPod drive. You MUST save files to another drive. Once you are sure you have recovered all files, then you can move them from your PC back to your iPod using iTunes or another program.