Recover a Frozen iPod

To recover a frozen iPod, try the following iPod recovery steps:

image7.gif Check the Hold Button

The first, and most basic of all, is to make sure that you don't have the Hold function on your iPod engaged. This locks your iPod buttons to stop them from being accidentally pushed.

Physically slide the hold button backward and forward and check to see if your iPod is now unfrozen.

image8.gif Reset Your iPod

Resetting an iPod is the equivalent of re-booting a computer. A reset should unfreeze your iPod and get it back to normal without the need for iPod data recovery software.

To reset your iPod press "Menu" and "Select" (the center button) at the same time and hold them down for at least 6 seconds (Learn more about resetting your iPod here). You should see the Apple logo appear and then the normal iPod menu display.

If you reset your iPod and the contents of your iPod are intact, you can continue to use the iPod normally, including auto-syncing with iTunes if desired.

image9.gif The iPod Reset Did Not Work

If you cannot reset your iPod, or have reset your iPod but have lost your iPod music or files then you need to use iPod data recovery software.

Follow the Guide to using Recover My iPod.