Recover from a bad iTunes auto-sync

I lost my iPod files when...

The most common cause of these problems is the iTunes Auto Sync option.

How iPod Auto Sync actually works

Auto Sync is an option within iTunes software. The idea is that when the Auto Sync option is enabled, as soon as you plug your iPod into the computer it automatically updates the files on your iPod with whatever is in the iTunes library of the computer to which you are connected.

It is a common mistake to think that all the music and files on your iPod gets copied onto the computer. It WILL NOT. Your iPod is READ ONLY. It will only RECEIVE FILES from iTunes.

How to Recover iPod files after a bad Auto Sync

It is likely you are in one of two situations:

image7.gif I still have all my songs in iTunes - They are just missing from my iPod

If you still have your songs located on your PC within iTunes then you don't have a problem. Connect your iPod to your PC and iTunes will sync itself with the iPod (iTunes will only copy files in one direction, from the computer to your iPod).

image8.gif I have lost my songs from my iPod and in iTunes

If you no longer have your songs in iTunes (for example, you have just formatted your PC), then you have a problem, because your iPod has nothing to sync with.

Follow the Guide to using Recover My iPod.