iPod Recovery


Apple recommend an iPod recovery process which they call

"the five Rs".

These five steps will help you recover from a wide range of iPod issues, such as freezes, lock ups, intermittent quirks, or the iPod not being seen by your computer.

The the five Rs should be taken one step at a time. The purpose of the five Rs it two fold:

The five Rs

Before you start the five Rs, make sure your iPod is fully charged and that the hold switch is not on (make sure you slide it back and forth as sometimes it can get stuck).

Once you have done this, your are ready to start the five Rs.They are:

1. Reset Your iPod

Resetting your iPod is your first defence against any problems that occur. Resetting your iPod in computer terms is the equivalent of doing a re-boot. The iPod reset procedure is covered in greater detail on our iPod Reset page.

2. Retry Your iPod

Retry your iPod on a different USB port. Don't rely on a USB hub or other device as they often supply a lesser power sources to your iPod. Make sure you plug the iPod directly into the USB port on your PC and if try more than one port.

3. Reboot Your Computer and Check for Updates

To make sure the issue does not relate to your computer, re-boot your computer. Once re-booted, check to see if updates are available for iTunes (open iTunes and select HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES).

4. Reinstall Your Software

If updates are available, apple suggest that you reinstall the latest version of iTunes or any other iPod software you're using. The latest iPod software is available here: http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/

4. Restore Your iPod

Read the step-by-step guide to the iPod Restore operation [iPod Restore]. This step shouldn't be taken lightly and should be reserved for the worst-case scenarios with your iPod. This will erase all files from your iPod, including music, contacts, calendars and any other files you might be storing. It'll also restore the iPod to its factory settings. The restore will reload the software. This function is the equivalent of reloading the operating system on a PC. Once the restore is complete, you can synch again with iTunes to restore the files back onto your iPod.

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