iPod sad face icon: We provide iPod Restore Software for Data Recovery on your iPod

My iPod is displaying a sad face icon

If your iPod displays a sad iPod icon it is usually NOT a good sign. In most cases, the sad iPod icon indicates a hardware issue.


Do Not Connect your iPod to iTunes

Why? The default setting in iTunes when an iPod is connected is to "auto-sync" the play list. This means that iTunes will try and write it's list of songs to your iPod.

It is important when performing iPod data recovery not to write new data to the iPod drive unless it is necessary to do so.

Do not connect to iTunes unless we specifically give instructions to do so.

iPod Sad Face Icon

A. Test your iPod by manually placing the iPod in "Disk Mode"

If you are able to force iPod into Disk Mode then it may not be a hardware issue. To manually enter Disk Mode:

  1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Set it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
  2. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for at least 6 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  3. When the Apple logo appears, release the Menu and Select buttons and immediately press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears.

When you are in Disk Mode your iPod will display a large tick and then at the top of the LCD will be written "Disk Mode" as seen in the following Apple graphic:

Disk Mode

If you are able to force iPod into Disk Mode we recommend you now Download Recover My iPod and follow the Quick Start Guide to Recover My iPod.

B. My iPod will not manually go into Disk Mode

If you cannot force your iPod into disk mode and the sad face icon persists, then your iPod has a hardware issue. It may still be possible to recover your data. To arrange an iPod hardware recovery service please contact GetData.


Download Recover My iPod

  1. Click the download button to begin the download.
  2. Save the Recover My iPod installation program to your Windows computer.
  3. Run Recover My iPod and search your iPod for deleted or lost files.
  4. NOTE: Software will only run on Windows PC's
  5. NOTE: Software is not compatible with iPhones or the iPod Touch