iPod Recovery Software - Quick Start Guide

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Running a Search with Recover My iPod

Important: Do Not Connect your iPod to your computer yet.

1. Download Recover My iPod

Click on the download button to download and install Recover My iPod on your Windows PC.

2. Run Recover My iPod

Run Recover My iPod so that you can see the first wizard window

Recover My iPod Screenshot

3. Connect Your iPod to your Windows PC

iPod Connect

Connect your iPod to your Windows PC via the USB or Firewire port.

Wait at least 60 seconds. Your computer should recognize that you have an iPod hard drive connected. iTues shoud NOT start.

4. Select the Type of Search

Click on the buttons on the main program screen to select the best type of search. Recover My iPod does not change the contents of the drive during the search os you can run more than one search on you iPod:

Fast Search
A Fast Search is best suited to recover recently deleted iPod files.

Deep Search
A Deep Search is best suited to recover an entire iPod, including an iPod that is no longer recognized, a corrupt ipod, an iPod with the sad face or exclamation mark icons, or other situations in which the iPod drive cannot be accessed.

Once you have selected the type of search, click "Next" to go to the next screen.